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shareable family meals

To order, please call Sacred Grounds at 618.692.4150

Orders for pickup on Tuesday evening must be in by Sunday at 6pm
Orders for pickup on Thursday evening must be in by Tuesday at 6pm


meals for families of 4-6

Over the last two decades, study after study has shown that simply taking a few minutes each day to turn off screens and genuinely connect with each other over food can improve the physical and mental health of all family members involved.

We want to make this easier for you. It's a huge task to leave work, go to the store, shop, prepare food, get everyone together & eat. That's not even to mention the dishes. No one (basically no one) likes doing dishes. 

Sacred Grounds' School Nights program is here to help. Twice per week we will feature a family-style meal that is made to order and ready to take home & share. Meal selections are geared towards healthful eating and cost effectiveness.  Additionally, we've conducted market research to price these meals accordingly, so these meals roughly mirror the cost of a grocery bill for a weeknight meal. 

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